Dell PrecisionM6400

My huge laptop for this season.ceh, ahahah.mcm nk tukar lain lagi je?
mane nk cite sket, tgh bosan2.tatau nk snap la pic laptop ni.sian, tak penah photog die ni.hahaha.

Spec and Details :
Core 2 Duo Quad Core Extreme Edition Processors (4core:4thread)
17" WUXGA Adobe RGB LED Color Gamut Display Edge To Edge Back-Lit Display (1920x1200) Resolution
8gb Dual Channel DDR3 Memory
7200RPM Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive 500GB
NVIDIA® Quadro FX 3700M Graphics with 1GB dedicated memory

8-in-1 card reader; ExpressCard 54; PC Card
Slot Load DVD-RW Drive

Advanced E-Port, E-Port, Legacy Port Replicator, Ergo Flat Panel Stand, Basic Monitor Stand, E-View Notebook Stand

Modular Options:
E-Family modular media dock: DVD-ROM, CD-RW/DVD, DVD+/-RW, Second Hard Drive
Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-Bit

guess what im using to take all this photos?

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