Studio Photoshoot Look Alike

Salam. Today is tuesday.there is plenty of time for me to finish this holiday bcoz incoming week i got some work to do.haiyo, just break for a week.

So today, just got an idea to test something i never done yet, "home photography".
with a less rig and etc, just a simple shot and a simple techiques.

So take a look at this picture,and guess what i used? :P





and now, ill give u some tips on how to that kind of pic.
just a simple props.

what u need are :

1.A set of DSLR Camera with Trigger.

(im setting it up at 1/80 F3.5 with iso100, different place different setting,read the meter)

2.A Flash with DIY diffuser(attach on diy tripod)

(with 4 power, di622 markII master mode)

3.White Background

(wall of my room)

4.Setting in up.


and there u go, snap snap and snap till u bored.hahahaha
another shot :D

hahaha.looks like an artist right? bluek!

this is me again, dunno how to pose.what malay said "PENATLAH" hahaha.

p/s: try it and post it! XD

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Just a Pieces

teringat mase dulu, pernah buat design ni.time ni form5 tahun 2007. saje testing nk buat cover dvd.mane la tau nanti ade orang kasi job buat ke kan.hahahha.just a simple touch of me.


p/s:sometimes design comes from your heart but not from your sight.
trust me.

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And why?

every morning i waited a text messages from u,

because just one text from u could made my day,

but then,

day by day, smiley icons from u slowly fades…

we talked less on the phone,

we meet when there is a chance,

but did we fight?

we did.

but look at where we are now..

what did we fought for?


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Is Cleaning his Laptop!

pejam celik, dah abes diploma.mcm skjap je 3 tahun tu.
and now, im gonna clean all of my stuff in this laptop so that nanti ringan sket, maklumla, buat 2 3 penoh HD.

haa, see told u, merah sudah.hahaha, so i need to clean it asap!

ok, wanna clean mine.

p/s: how bout urs? :P
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Heritage Building


just a simple shot while doing my assignment. :)
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Dell PrecisionM6400

My huge laptop for this season.ceh, ahahah.mcm nk tukar lain lagi je?
mane nk cite sket, tgh bosan2.tatau nk snap la pic laptop ni.sian, tak penah photog die ni.hahaha.

Spec and Details :
Core 2 Duo Quad Core Extreme Edition Processors (4core:4thread)
17" WUXGA Adobe RGB LED Color Gamut Display Edge To Edge Back-Lit Display (1920x1200) Resolution
8gb Dual Channel DDR3 Memory
7200RPM Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive 500GB
NVIDIA® Quadro FX 3700M Graphics with 1GB dedicated memory

8-in-1 card reader; ExpressCard 54; PC Card
Slot Load DVD-RW Drive

Advanced E-Port, E-Port, Legacy Port Replicator, Ergo Flat Panel Stand, Basic Monitor Stand, E-View Notebook Stand

Modular Options:
E-Family modular media dock: DVD-ROM, CD-RW/DVD, DVD+/-RW, Second Hard Drive
Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-Bit

guess what im using to take all this photos?

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