Wedding #1

Zizan Dan Eka,
Putra Perdana.

p/s: tak larat nk type.upload je.haha

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Studio Photoshoot Look Alike

Salam. Today is tuesday.there is plenty of time for me to finish this holiday bcoz incoming week i got some work to do.haiyo, just break for a week.

So today, just got an idea to test something i never done yet, "home photography".
with a less rig and etc, just a simple shot and a simple techiques.

So take a look at this picture,and guess what i used? :P





and now, ill give u some tips on how to that kind of pic.
just a simple props.

what u need are :

1.A set of DSLR Camera with Trigger.

(im setting it up at 1/80 F3.5 with iso100, different place different setting,read the meter)

2.A Flash with DIY diffuser(attach on diy tripod)

(with 4 power, di622 markII master mode)

3.White Background

(wall of my room)

4.Setting in up.


and there u go, snap snap and snap till u bored.hahahaha
another shot :D

hahaha.looks like an artist right? bluek!

this is me again, dunno how to pose.what malay said "PENATLAH" hahaha.

p/s: try it and post it! XD

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Just a Pieces

teringat mase dulu, pernah buat design ni.time ni form5 tahun 2007. saje testing nk buat cover dvd.mane la tau nanti ade orang kasi job buat ke kan.hahahha.just a simple touch of me.


p/s:sometimes design comes from your heart but not from your sight.
trust me.

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And why?

every morning i waited a text messages from u,

because just one text from u could made my day,

but then,

day by day, smiley icons from u slowly fades…

we talked less on the phone,

we meet when there is a chance,

but did we fight?

we did.

but look at where we are now..

what did we fought for?


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