Bored la.

just want to show the new core i5 with quadro fx and original windows7. :D

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Working for SHOWDOWN2010! Wakaka Crew!

hahaha.showdown giler kot..skangni aku tgh test nk wat banner untuk diorang.hahaha.hopefully ok

the real one, soon!
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Wakaka Crew Street Flava! Showdown 2010


Neyo - Mad
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Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

The new features of KIS 2011 : Safe Run

It has a green rectangle box outside the browser.


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Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the release of the latest versions of its flagship consumer products Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011. The new products take full advantage of the most innovative cutting-edge technologies to provide more accurate detection and an even faster response to any IT threats.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011will not just sit idle until the PC becomes infected, the new versions provide real-time proactive protection – constantly monitoring the system to detect any type of potential threats and prevent any destructive activity.

Press at the widget button ON to start KIS 2011.(installed with KIS 2011 widget)

With Kaspersky Lab's new products, users have everything they need to stay safe and secure while they surf the Internet. The solutions provide reliable isolation of untrusted Internet resources, giving the user full reassurance that their digital environment is clean, safe and free from digital threats and unwanted intrusion. But this does not limit what the user can do. On the contrary, it ensures protection for all types of data and communications. The system operates in background mode and does not make constant demands on the user in order to do its job efficiently.

Updating the database for securely connect to internet.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 are fully compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft's operating systems, from XP up to Windows 7 versions.

The Complete nice interface for KIS2011 user.

More details about the new versions of Kaspersky Lab's consumer products are available at:

YOU should try!

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Im Working for This!

Arggh.laptop get hot, how to resolve the problem? get a cooler pad in the market?
such a bad things, all have the fan but doesnt satisfied.only the brand.pricy!
i decided to built my own diy cooler fan! hahaa.

Total RPM = 12000RPM (2000RPM each)

Hope the fan will be reality!

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New wallpaper!

Aha, aku ade jumpe satu wallpaper ni smart gak...dari brotherhood arts.tq!

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Bluetooh Mouse, Its Time.

Hahahaha.gimikje tajuk tu. sbnrnye nk cite, mouse aku da smpai masenye, di tukar ganti baterinye.hahahaha..lame gak la pakai.dah setahun dah bateri ni.skang meronta2 mcm ultraman suh tukar.hahahaa

Battery Full.


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Tamat Sudah Report Harian !

Perghhh.akhirnya siap gak kerja aku.HAPPY gile do.
hahaha.esok da bole mintak cop and sign.then wat keje cam biase.update daily.
kepada kawan2, sikit2 lame2 jadi bukit! ingat tu.!hahahahahah

tengah syok2 aku nk print, tak sangka picture aku kat buku log ni dah 100 dah.hahaha.time kasih printer brother. u save my life.hahaha..

Terima Kasih Cutting Mat.Pisau.Gam Faster.Pen Artline 0.4.Tanpa mereka buku ini tak siap!
Tenang kembali!

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iPhone 4!


The iPhone 4G is COMING!!!
June 7, 2010 - Are you ready? Release likely around June 24, 2010!

Lots of speculation is going around on the new iPhone 4g... in HD!! Official features have been revealed at the WWDC conference today.

Verizon Wireless is currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4G and Verizon confirms they are making network changes to bring the iphone to their network. The new iPhone 4g is going to be loaded with awesome new features like video chat, multi-tasking and extreme downloading. (List of possible features below). Just when you think there is nothing else to come up with, more and more and more technology comes out. And it is on the rise, and not just at Apple, Inc!

Woo hoo! This iPhone 4g could also have dual core processors and higher and powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions and better "still" images when taking pictures.

There are a few networks working on building a 4G network. T-mobile would be a likely carrier since they are GSM already. Sprint has a 4G network already... AT&T and Verizon Wireless are in the beginning stages. There are talks of Verizon Wireless getting iPhone sometime in 2010 since the exclusive contract with AT&T expires, but it could be renewed until 2012.

Whether or not it will be 4G will be up to them!... can they build in time? Regardless, there is much anticipation on how many people will leave AT&T for Verizon Wireless because of AT&T's lagging on app restrictions like Slingplayer and Google Voice and Skype (on #g network, not Wi-Fi).

AT&T's restrictions have caused the percentage of people that are JailBreaking their iPhones to rise since Jail Breaking usually comes with Cydia which is the app store for jail broken phones. Most of the applications, ringtones, and even iphone themes!...are free with Cydia. Winterboard is part of the download, and it very easily add's the changes to your phone so you dont have to figure how to do it on your is VERY automated.

The Palm Pre on Sprint and HTC EVO (Sprint now offering a 4G network) has made an attempt at being competitive with iPhone and Blackberry...and it seems they are making head way.

iPhone 4G looks promising in terms of being sleek, packed with new hardware and multi-tasking software. Very exciting.

A few features of iPhone 4G:

Thinner! With shiny glass back piece - 9.3 mm thick.

Unified Mailbox (all email accounts in one area).

Application folders.

New wallpaper/background options.

A new, sleeker body design.

OLED screen.

Multi-Tasking. (use multiple functions at once without going in and out of apps).

iChat camera (on the front so you can have video chat!!!).

32G (basic) and 64G of memory. You're sure to never run out.

Extended battery life!!!

Hi Definition Camera (5 megapixel) with a backside illuminated sensor AND FLASH!

Hi Definition Camcorder.

Hi Definition audio.

Messaging light.

True GPS built in.
credit to : hubpages

will u get ONE? :D
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Report Harian.

Tadaaa...dah nak siap!

adui.jgn contohi aku ini.

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Save Gaza.


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Ramai Yang Tak Tau.

Korang tau tak pasal masjid al aqsa? mesti korang bayangkan kubah die emas tu kan?
sebnrnya , silap, al aqsa bukan yang tuh, tapi name sebenar masjid tu MASJID AL SAKHRAH.Masjid Al-Aqsa sbnrnye bukan warna emas tuh, warna kubah die agak kelabu sket. kepada korang yang tatau, sbnrnye tu propaganda Israel diorang salu tnjuk kubah emas tu ingat Al Aqsa, tapi sebnrnye tidak. Al Aqsa adalah masjid berkubah kelabu.



Sekadar info yang aku tau. Tq.
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Argh, Last Minute mmg Sampah!

Arini aku sambung ag buat log book, and report last.maklumla dah nk abes practical.arini aku nye log book dah may, bole abes ke?hahaha.insya allah!

sekadar tatapan umum.
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Update Log Book.

hari ni hari ahad, hari buat buku log sedunia..hahaha.korang da siap buku log tak? mesti da siap kan? aku dah tertinggal since april, now skang ni tgh nk wat, laporan akhir lagi ni.huehueue.gile tol la.
time2 nak update bku log pon still leh update blog, muahahhaa...

Tools2 yang anda perlu ade untuk update log book :

Satu Biji komputer riba, buku log,buku log catatan harian.

Cutting Mat, Pembaris, Pisau.

Timbunan Kertas sepanjang Practical.

Last but not least, internet untuk ber FB.hahahahahaha!

kalu korang dah siap tuh...tlg2 ar aku wat.byk ag ni.haha!

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Awesome Wallpaper!


Better View
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Fifa World Cup 2010!


Fifa World Cup is coming soon!

fifa 2010 wallpaper:
Fifa 1
Fifa 2
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Wakaka Crew Audition Showdown 2010!


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Today, Ive Learned Something.

Hello Friends,
Today I've learned something new. It is how to rendered using vray for water displacement.Not so perfect but will keep trying. :D

and this it, amplitude about 10.

if u have anything to ask, just let me know.tq
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Know About iPad?


The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Released in April 2010, it established a new class of devices between smartphones and laptops.As of June 1st, 2010, Apple had sold 2 million iPads.

Similar to the older (and smaller) iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad runs a modified version of the iPhone OS and is controlled by a multi-touch LCD sensitive to fingertips, instead of a stylus as with earlier tablet computers.It runs iPad-specific applications as well as those written for the iPhone and iPod Touch, including e-book readers.

The iPad uses Wi-Fi or a 3G data connection to browse the Internet, load and stream media, and install software.A USB cable is required to sync the iPad with iTunes on a personal computer.

Haaaaa..dah baca? haha. tula serba sedikit tentang iPad.Benda baru dari Apple.Mmg tak asing lagi pada yang dah tau pasal iPad ni.Just nk share how it looks like.OK lets see the pic.

Steve Jobs.

Baca Buku?

Looks nice.

wow.leh taruk keyboard luar.haha!

kepada korang2 yang nk beli ipad, dah ade kat market dah.tapi bagi budak architecutre jgn la beli sbb takleh render! ahahahaha!!
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